• Aniela Parys

    Aniela Parys

    Aniela Parys is an apparel designer & visual artist from Portland Oregon, based in Barcelona, Spain. High quality, Vintage inspired lingerie, swimwear...

  • By Signe

    By Signe

    By Signe is a Danish fashion brand designing honest and feminine easywear. All fabrics are sourced with sustainability in mind, and garments are handmade from our studio in Denmark.

  • Capsule


    Capsule is working with local artisans and women cooperations for the production of our products. Our mission is to contribute so that the artisans can make a living of their crafts and maintain their traditional values, and to help get their work the recognition it deserves outside their local communities. We want to provide better alternatives for the consumer. An alternative that is more friendly to our planet, an ethical alternative that does not exploit the workers, and an alternative that gives the consumer a unique product with a high quality and a history.

  • Cluse


    Cluse is about people who find beauty in simplicity. Timepieces that aspire to be part of people who are conscious about their style. A Cluse watch brings the best out of your look and completes your outfit. His watches are produced with attention and care, with a strong focus on materials, quality and style.

  • Collãr


    A strong visual image and clean aesthetics is the quintessence of label’s identity. ‘Collãr’ strives to dress the personality not a body type, seeing women as gentle, ethereal creatures, embodying determination and strength in a seemingly fragile beauty. In every collection an entirely new swimwear shape is being developed, constantly varying with form, techniques and colour palette, and proposing ever–changing, unique silhouettes. The swimwear and lingerie pieces are perfectly sculptured to fit the body.

  • Cossac


    Designed in London and made in Europe, COSSAC promotes the minimalistic concept of Capsule Wardrobes, and offers a curated selection of contemporary threads and redefined basics with a sass edge. Sustainably designed and ethically produced, each quality garment is intended to be transeasonal, with the aim of minimising wastefulness and maximising usefulness.

  • Diana Parés

    Diana Parés

    Diana Parés is a jewelry designer based in Barcelona. Her proposal is about making unique handmade jewelry for women who love the refined trend but also know the value of a handmade jewel. Basic geometric and minimalist shapes are the essence of her work. She designs and handworks all of her jewels one by one at her workshop, applying traditional silversmith techniques in the making of affordable pieces which are available in silver 925 and silver 925 24K Gold plated. Diana Parés aims for neat, simple and elegant creations. A jewel from Diana Parés Jewels will be for sure that special one you will never take off.

  • MbyM


    MbyM’s signature style is raw femininity mixed with Scandinavian coolness. By creating stylish and uncompromising yet original and affordable designs, we make sure that the mbyM girl is always one step ahead. The mbyM concept is based on skilful design, cool detailing and quality of cut. Whether it’s for a casual or dressy occasion, we’re dressing the feminine, urban girl with edgy style and high wearability. Dominating the colour palette in the collections are classic and neutral shades. These base colours are brought to life with carefully selected highlight colours each season as well as bold and more delicate repeat prints.

  • Plhi


    Founded by Cecilia F. Aguzzi and based in Barcelona, Plhi is a swimwear brand created for all that woman who aspire to simplicity and elegance over trendiness, a mix of femininity and practicality. Every piece is handcrafted from the highest quality material and produced by local workshops in limited edition runs. Plhi uses quick drying Spanish fabrics with UV protection, wicking properties, resistance to chlorine and environmentally certified. Plhi supports only ethically aware production and work practices.

  • Reset Priority

    Reset Priority

    The pleasure of fine things, on your skin. Reset Priority is a lingerie and swimwear brand from Barcelona creating exclusive pieces with a modern touch. Unique designs manufactured with care using the finest materials. Welcome to a world of exquisite pieces to wear on your body.

  • Ssic and Paul

    Ssic and Paul

    Ssic and Paul, founded in 2012, is a creative and functional brand expressing contemporary styles though collections "made in Barcelona" with quality fabrics, careful attention to detail and finishing´s  or investigation of patterns, the layering in the garments and volumes. The essence of the brand is the clean lines and straight silhouettes with a minimalistic style, a color profile that works as the protagonist for each collection.

  • Sunad


    Sunad believes in bringing back the quality of a handmade garment using only natural fabrics. Focusing on design, craftsmanship and working with a slow fashion philosophy, this brand creates timeless classics. Sunad is a play on masculinity and femininity through form and color. Evoking the free spirit of the wind in the desert, the sun, the dunes, the history...

  • Toino Abel

    Toino Abel

    Each Toino Abel bag is unique, entirely handmade and part of his history. This family has dedicated itself through generations to the beautiful handcraft of basket making. Toino Abel love to work with materials that come directly from nature. Over time the bags have become an icon of Portuguese artisanal craft.